Ocean Liner Luxury Shopping

When naming the exclusive streets for shopping, the list would certainly include the Upper Fifth in Manhattan, Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles, Union Square in San Francisco, the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Champ de Elyesse in Paris, Bond Street in … Read More

A Distinguished Gentleman’s Accessory: The Pocket Watch

A few months ago, my Dad was clearing out his deceased Father’s keepsakes and found a lovely gold pocket watch carefully stored in a chest in my grandparents’ home. My Dad had no idea how old the this beautiful timepiece … Read More

The Business Of Farm To Handbag In The Luxury Leather Market

The last decade or so, the luxury leather industry has been experiencing some interesting times. According to Bain & Company, a business consulting group that studies retail trends, in 2015, the global luxury leather accessories business reached revenue levels nearing … Read More

Why Not Purge Your Handbag Closet For A New Beau Satchelle?

Is there such a concept as owning too many handbags? One of our clients, a luxury handbag connoisseur who has a phenomenal collection of high end designer handbags (including a Beau Satchelle tote and a briefcase) confessed to owning over … Read More

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