Well, you have had your spring and summer fun and it is now time for fall and winter delights. We just want you to know that we create luxury goods that can be used all-year-around. For example, our Audrey ‘hat box’ style bespoke handbag ‘Click Here To Read About it On Our Blog‘ is one of our favorite attention getting handbags and it can be made out of many textures and colors of leather to suit your mood for some fall change over or winter get-a-way plans.

This uniquely designed handbag was created for our brand ambassador Grace with Color and Grace and customized with a Chinese Tiger from the Chinese zodiac because she was born under the year of the Tiger and wanted something totally customized to fit her style and character. Her results are in and she actually took it to Paris, France on her summer vacation… Grace just loves her luxury handbag and gets many compliments along the way.

Here is Grace’s review of our Audrey Hat Box Handbag: Custom Made Tiger Hat Box Style Bag from Beau Satchelle

All of our luxury goods are one of a kind with the interior and exterior color combinations never to be repeated the same. This is one of the true perks of having a Beau Satchelle Bespoke Luxury Handbag; you will ‘Never’ see the same handbag created in the same way… Our color combinations are endless and you can enjoy our bespoke services by creating one of your own.

With spring and summer seasons in the past, we would like to help get you ready for the holiday season by offering you the opportunity to have a bespoke handbag designed and handcrafted for you or a loved one. Look at it a holiday gift they won’t ever forget…

We can make the perfect handbag for the woman or man in your who has the latest designer handbags but not a Beau Satchelle and would like to explore the world of bespoke. All of our designs are original and ‘are not’ be mass-produced! Never! However, a limited edition of bespoke luxury leather accessories will be available very soon for those who like our designs do not want the actual customization.

Depending on the customization, it takes ‘on average’ approximately 30 plus hours and 1000+ hand-stitches to build one of these beauties. And, with all of that equity, it has an advantage over the other handbags you see at department stores; there is only one and it something you can be proud of…

If you like bespoke heirloom luxury leather pieces, head over to our shop, give us a call or email us to have one packaged and sent to you for this holiday season and before someone else gets the color combination you have your eye on. -The Beau Satchelle Family

Please Note: Due to the time and degree of difficulty involved in building a bespoke luxury good, please allow 4-6 weeks to complete and have it ready for delivery.
(All Expedited Orders Require An Extra Fee!) Thank you!

  • Where: Detroit, Michigan USA
  • When: Available Now and Made To Order
  • Price: Contact us for price.