Product Reveal: Elegant Python Evening Clutch

Preparing for the final holiday of the year uncovers traditions that range from centuries old to relatively new practices in welcoming in another year.  For some, this is a time for quiet reflection and introspection on the past year while preparing new plans and possibilities for the upcoming year. For others, traditions may include family gatherings where feasting of certain food delicacies and gift exchanging; or midnight church services for prayers of past blessings and divine favor for the new year. There are cities and towns who have large communal events for counting down the outgoing year while welcoming the new with fireworks or parades featuring traditional costumes or attire with particular colors representing luck, health and prosperity to name a few.

New York City is not the only metropolitan city that goes above and beyond for this once a year celebration. For world travelers, destinations may include, traveling to Lagos, Nigeria for their eight days cultural gathering called One Lagos Fiesta which hosts a New Year’s concert of celebrated Nigerian artists culminated with fireworks display (  Perhaps partying it up in Rio de Janeiro (  with millions of Brazilians on the beach of Copacabana is more your style with a number of concerts and named one of the best New Year fireworks displays in the world.

However, any veteran reveler must certainly have on his or her bucketlist to experience the granddaddy of them all hosted in Times Square.  However, if shivering in the cold for hours is absolutely gauche, instead desiring to don stunning party attire, there are a number of  opportunities for sophisticated cocktail parties, or stunning 4 course dinner and exclusive black tie affairs that Robb Report runs down for elegant partiers which include for the VIP partier and a few close friends at the iconic Rainbow Room in the Rockefeller Center.(   

With your ticket to a premier night on the town, we are pleased to introduce our Python Clutch that exudes sexy luxury whether worn during the day for an afternoon brunch or an evening affair.  It possesses the panache to catch the eye of others who admire well built, timeless accessories.  A simple design, yet countless details went into creating this work of art.   The exterior is general natural Python mixed with a color array of whites, grays, browns, and blacks.  The handcut structured clutch was designed with boxy angles but petite enough to be comfortably carried throughout an event.    The interior and sides consists of leather cow plonge in black to allow the exotic python leather to be front and center.  The clutch was designed with one interior pocket trimmed in python to house a smart phone.  The entire bag was hand sewn in Lin Cablé black thread.   Lastly, the singular hardware, a rectangular clasp, was selected in the color of gun metal to match seamlessly with the colors of the python and the black interior.  We are excited to unveil this stunning bag as our final reveal for the year as a lovely addition to a discerning woman’s wardrobe.   This bespoke bag, will be the only one made in the colors shown.  We do have a number of other colors to select from or, if you prefer, a different exotic leather such as genuine American alligator or stingray.

Beau Satchelle’s journey has provided us with an amazing amount of good fortune and divine opportunities to network globally and build wonderful friendships with people from all walks of life.  Our commitment for 2019 is to continue to partner with our readers on our journey of introducing new designs of bespoke at its finest and keeping you updated on our growth.   We also will continue to feature what the world has to offer in creating the best in beauty, inspiration and craftsmanship among  our neighbors around the world.  

Wishing our readers a safe, healthy and prosperous new year! -AJ

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