The Bugatti Brand: Inspired Exceptionalism

Growing up in Detroit, when many of your family and friends worked in the auto industry; it is inevitable that you develop an appreciation for well built cars. My journey as a car buyer has led me to purchase and drive several makes and models both import and export. As a woman buyer, I have always been drawn to cars that are sexy, powerful and excel in craftsmanship. In addition, as a co-founder of a luxury leather company, my profession leads me to study high net worth individuals’ attraction to certain automobiles that conjure up prestige and exclusivity.

Luxury cars fall into a number of categories ranging from entry level luxury to ultra-luxury and depending on the origin of country of the automaker that will determine their definition of luxury. The ultra or super luxury segment of cars will have a price tag of more than $100,000 US dollars and these brands will certainly include the power houses of Rolls Royce and Bentley. The popularity of ultra luxury cars have grown exponential in emerging wealth markets of the Russia, China and Middle East countries.

Founded over a century ago, the Bugatti, a French ultra-high performance automobile was acquired by The Volkswagen Group in 1998 and has been admired by auto enthusiast from day one.

This topic caught my interest because of being up close and personal, to without a doubt, an incomparable ultra luxury automobile, the Bugatti with its exceptional craftsmanship and muti-million dollar price tag. A Bugatti owner can only be described as elite and not only purchasing the car is rare air, but the process of purchasing is just as lavish. In addition to the close knit circle of royalty and billionaire collectors of luxury cars, Bugatti’s most celebrated owners include actor Tom Cruise, music mogal Jay Z, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, former talk show host, Jay Leno, media mogul Simon Cowell, international soccer star Christiano Renaldo, fashion icon Ralph Lauren, and boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to name a few.

A prospect will begin his/her journey by participating in the purchasing process appropriately named “The Molsheim Experience” at the Bugatti Headquarters in Molsheim, France. Prospects are given a tour of the grounds and the historic collection, have the opportunity to drive a vintage sport Bugatti, and test drive a new model Chiron or Diro, before sitting down with designers to go through an extremely detailed bespoke process of creating a personal Bugatti to fulfill their needs and desires.

Bugatti Roadster

As with any forward thinking luxury brand, Bugatti and its competitors (i.e., Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porche) have focused on becoming more female-focused by developing accessories and brand extensions to attract the new affluent and aspirational buyers of their cars. Product offerings of leather first-aid kits, luggage compartment mats, luggage and I pad cases were designed with a more feminine take. These brands have now delved into the luxury goods market of accessories, jewelry and cosmetics and now fashion. Bugatti designed and introduced a crocodile handbag sculpted to mimic the front grille of the Bugatti and now has offers other handbags that retail for over $5000; women buyers can enjoy the brand by spending their dollars by way of additional luxury goods.

Bugatti Chiron

Needless to say, the Bugatti Brand has honed its success in building not only cars that the wealthy aspire to own, but creates an exclusiveness that only few ultra luxury brands can pull off. -AJ

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