Luxury Destination: The Island of Mauritius

Upscale travel publication Travel and Leisure recognized the picturesque and secluded Island of Mauritius as number one in its 2018 World’s Best Island in Africa/Middle East to visit. After exploring this little piece of paradise located in the Indian Ocean, there is no argument as to why travelers fall in love with this seductive region complete with sun kissed and sugar sandy beaches, tropical clear waters and a bounty of outdoor interests.

Mauritius is a country of Africa situated 1200 miles from the south eastern coast of the continent and one of its closest neighbors is the island country of Madagascar. Its 790 square feet consists of the main island and several outlying islands. It deep history includes being under rule of the Dutch, the French, the British Empire and finally gained its independence as a commonwealth in 1968 and became a republic in 1992.

Both English and French are the main languages with Mauritian Creolle used in native daily life. The economy is a combination of financial services, manufacturing, logistics and tourism. The religions of Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists manage to live in harmony.

A number of all inclusive resorts and boutique hotels have staked their claim the coast offering stunning ultra exclusive amenities. 2018 5 star Ranked hotels by top travel publications and websites include:

Le Saint Géran
Le Prince Maurice
Lux Le Morne
La Maison d’Été
Le Preskîl

Vacationers are exposed to a multicultural bounty of cultures from Africa, Indian, Chinese and Creole in areas of art, music, outdoor water and land activities (rainforests, beaches, lagoons, reefs, hiking trails, and golf courses) sporting events, wildlife, the beaches, shopping, nightlife, and of course cuisine. Land Activities can range from shopping for exotic spices and homemade crafts in the Port Louis market to botanical gardens to exploring La Vanilla Nature Park, a wildlife reserve that is home to Mauritian bats and many other rare species. The melting pot of cultures influence the cuisine of the island ranges from five star restaurants to tables d’hôtes (privately hosted meals) to street vendors.

Mauritius enjoys year round tropical climate, Rupee is their official currency, it hosts an international airport and the Port Louis Harbour handles trade stops and a cruise terminal. Tourists are cautioned on being victims to scams and vendor overpricing.

Mauritius government strategy in attracting foreign investors with qualifying business interests to spur economic development in the region especially in the tourism industry. Investors seeking permanent residency have requirements including a minimum investment of $500,000 (US dollars).

Many ultra wealthy and celebrities place this “best kept secret” as a top travel spot for relaxation and over the top pampering. For any adventurer of tropical remote discoveries, the Island of Mauritius is an enchanting haven and well worth addition to your travel bucket list. -AJ

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