Grape Escapades: Unique Wine Tasting Destinations

For lovers of wine, the ability to experience wine tastings all over the world will range from a couple of hours tours of regional vineyards to one of a kind all inclusive experiences. The popularity of wine tasting has pushed vineyards and wine cellars to step up their game in competing for connoisseurs’ attention and dollars.

The wine tasting experience has matured from just a few appetizers accompanying selected wines while viewing acres of vineyards. Wine growers have elevated the experience outside of the glass to match the experience inside the glass. The selection below focuses on the outside the glass experience that would “wow” the most experience wine adventurer.

Huset House wine tastings

Why not indulge in a 20,000 bottle collection at the closest place you can get near the North Pole? Located in Svalbard, Norway this Michelin recognized Scandanavian restaurant offers the a unique wine tasting setting located 650 miles south of the North Pole. The bistro includes your different tastings of teir collections of Champagne, Reisling Wines and even a pairing of wine and Handcrafted chocolate to name a few. And of course, the restaurant is surrounded by the Artic landscape.

Canary Islands, Spain

Perhaps the climate of the North Pole is just not your cup of tea. If you prefer a slightly warmer climate, another out to the ordinary region and named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine as 2017 Best Wine Destination (, the Canary Islands may be up your alley. The island emerged from thousands of years of volcanic eruptions and is home to an inactive volcanic crater called the Caldera de Bandama.

Chalk Caves in Reims, France (

Crayerés (chalk cellars) date back to the second century, was refuge for Chapagne’s citizens during War World I and serves as an integral part of the famous Champagne’s aging process. The city is surrounded by tens of thousands of acres vineyards while below are caverns dug out of the chalk which became the idea temperature to store and mature champagne.

Castello di Amorosa (Napa Valley, California)

With price packages starting from $950 up to $20,000, Castello di Amorosa absolutely pulls out all the stops. The priciest level includes a two night stay at a Napa Valley hotel, car service, private tour of the property with the on-site sommelier, dining with paired wines, gifts of oils, vinegars and imported cigars, and a selected Cabernet Sanvignon barrel bottled for the guest to take home, among other amenities.

Honestly, I could write a book or two about the best wine destinations across the globe, because we have some amazing wine industry twitter friends. The objective was not to slight the hundreds of spectacular locations for wine connissuers. These destinations caught my interest moreso as to their absolute uniqueness for those luxury lifestylers crossing off interesting bucketlist items. I assure you this is just the beginning of blogs in featuring the best in wine tasting destinations. -AJ

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