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An admitted fanatic when it comes to being an Amazon purchaser, whether for personal or business products, online shopping has created the huge benefit of saving time by having products and goods delivered to our door. However, since growing up on brick and mortar retail stores, the pleasure of shopping in person is still a treat and should, of course, include the ultimate shopping destinations around the world.

One such cosmopolitan city that offers the ultimate shopaholic experience is Dubai, United Arab Emerites where Arabic and Western cultures albeit are in some ways land on opposite ends of the spectrum, yet Dubai’s shopping centres have embrace capitalism at its finest. The top shopping areas in Dubai include:

1. The Souk Madinat marketplace located in the Madinat Jumeirah Resort that is home to everything from antique furniture, jewelry and shisha pipes. It is more of a tourist locale with many bars and restaurants positioned for visitors.

2. A lovely outdoor gardens mall, BurJuman Centre houses high end designers including Cartier, Bvlgari, Versace and Louis Vuitton.

3. Named after the 14th century Arab scholar and traveler, the Ibn Battuta Mall houses midrange brands such as H&M, yet the inspired décor of the Ibn Battuta is worthy of a stop on a shopping adventure.

4. Another tourist area, Bur Dubai Souk provides visitors to haggle with shop vendors of wares of pashminas (wool textiles), disdashas (cultural robes worn by men), spices and gifts.

Without a doubt, when planning a destination trip to Dubai, in your itinerary should include one of the world’s most beautiful malls in the world. The Dubai Mall (https://thedubaimall.com/) located in downtown Dubai, (nestled next to the tallest skyscraper on earth, Burj Khalifa) also claims the title of one the largest mall in the world with over 13 million square feet, housing over 1200 retail stores and boutiques. It is home to a number of high end designer stores including Cartier, Chanel, Christian Loubertain, Tiffany & Co, Moynat, and Faberge to name a few.

Photo of Arial view of the Dubai Mall

Once you’ve satisfied your western cravings to spend money with designers’ goods, most travel connoisseurs suggest visiting the Gold Saku location of the mall, where more traditional Arabic shops are located. There you will find shopkeepers selling local spices and other wares, yet also be privy to the shops who sell very high end gold jewelry and precious stones, amazingly none which is under lock and key or surrounded by big burly armed security.

Oasis Fountain Waterfall

For families that are looking for ways to be entertained, the designers of this mall left no stones unturned. Attractions include an Olympic sized ice skating rink, platinum VIP suites are offered one of the largest 22 screens cinemas in Dubai, and the largest underwater aquarium and zoo. The range of restaurants from casual to fine dining and there are several high end hotel properties attached to the Dubai Mall or nearby in the downtown area.

Without a doubt, the Dubai Mall and its retail peers, opens up the ultimate opportunity for luxury destination shoppers who are looking for a mix of Middle Eastern culture and Western culture high end designers. -AJ

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Content courtesy of CNN Dubai shopping: 5 don’t-miss spots

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