Luxury Destination: Milan, Italy

(Photo Above) Milan’s Duomo: The fifth largest Christian Church in the world taking over six centuries to build

When Beau Satchelle, emerged on the scene three and a half years ago, for those familiar with our story knows our deep respect to the European culture where the art of leathercrafting originated. The story of turning leather into luxurious, yet functional items which originated in the 16th century; fashioning animal hides for utilitarian and survival purposes. The history of the leather artisan is traced in a number of European countries such as France and the United Kingdom. However, some argue that the true Ateliers are derived from Italy.

When T. Michael began his journey in learning his craft, he focused on those Masters who made their living in Italy in building the finest accessories. Recorded on our team’s bucketlist is to visit Italy, in particular, Milan to sit and learn from Artisans who build products with years of training, love and passion of the craft.

Milan is located in the northern Lombardy region of Italy and considered both the financial hub of Italy and the global capital of fashion and design. A metropolis known for its’ five star and high-end restaurants, hotels and shops. Milan embraces creativity as it houses and celebrates centuries of extraordinary art, architecture and culture. According to a 2016 index survey done by Mastercard, Milan holds its own (even scoring higher than its sister city of Rome) with being ranked in the top 20th most visited cities offering a great being a destination stop for lovers of Italian art, cuisine, entertainment and sports.

The Last Supper by painted by Leonardo DiVinci located in the dining hall of Santa Maria delle Grazie monastery in Milan, Italy

For our interests, the influences and connectivity of fashion, Milan offers a rich history in several areas:

The Italian Bespoke Suits

When mentioning tailored bespoke suits, only a few locales hold the bragging rights to their impact of mensware. During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Provinces of Britain, France and Italy created family tailoring dynasties. As with other industries, technological advances (i.e., the sewing machine, fusing material methods) changed the game of manufacturing suits in volume and the fashion world witnessed the decline of tailor houses. Fortunately, the craft of handmade suits survived by a number of European Ateliers and the appeal of a tailored fitted suit has seen an iconic comeback. Robb Report lists these multi- generational tailoring houses in Milan as the top of their game in the industry which include: Campagna ( , A. Caraceni ( , and Rubinacci (

Italian Bespoke Shoes

Custom Shoemaking in Milan is a celebrated art that has also withstood the time of technological advances. There is no comparison to a pair of shoes crafted by hand, as this process will build well fitted shoes around your foot dimensions… the ultimate dive into indulgence. Milan Italy not only has a number of bespoke shoemakers (Santoni, Greymer, Dolce & Gabbani, Casadei, to name a few), but also carries on this long tradition with several shoemaking training schools for apprenticeships.

Galleria Vittorio Eamanuele II is one of the oldest active shopping malls in Italy and a major landmark of Milan, Italy

High Fashion

Last but not least, Milan makes its mark on the fashion world, by holding its standing with other cities such as London, New York and Paris in being the home to multiple Italian brands including Valentino, Versace and Prada to name a few. For shopping connoisseurs, Milan is paradise ranging from both high end designers and small custom boutiques. Additionally, Milan Fashion Week is part of the global “Big Four fashion weeks” scheduled semi-annually for the autumn/winter event held in February/ March and the spring/summer event is held in September/October. -AJ

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