Exquisite Travel With Emirates Airlines

“Whether it’s your first flight or simply your latest, we work to anticipate your every need”

-The Emirates Experience

If there is one travel experience Beau Satchelle would love to have now, it is to fly with Emirates airline first class. Just viewing their promotional videos, will have any level of traveler, let alone a chartered jet aficionado salivating to venture on an Emirates first class flight.

Established in 1985 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the airline has positioned itself as a leader in the airline industry and embraces its reputation as offering an indulgent flying experience. Emirates four types of business models including cargo freight, economy, business (designed not only to enjoy the creature comforts of high end flying, but also the ability to meet with their team to conduct business), and first class. And, with flights to many destinations, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific, Europe, The Americas, and the Middle East, the choices available will give you something to ponder. This blog will cover Emirates first class service(s).

As for the Top Membership Tier, The Emirates Skywards Platinum is the ultimate in travel experiences. Reserved for the most frequent flyers who have earned 150,000 miles or more, not only do you receive First Class check-in and baggage delivery but bonus discounts and Gold Tier Membership for spouse, partner or friend. (Click here for more details)

Offered in select hub cities, the journey begins with arranging for drop off and pick up of their chauffer-drive service through their partnership with BMW. Arriving at the airport, your wait time is spent in Emirates lounges or Partner lounges offer a decadent sanctuary with first class amenities of a full bar service, an extensive freshly prepared menu, plasma TVs to keep you entertained, business centers and even the ability to shower before your flight begins.

The private suites on the A380 are extraordinary and even pictures don’t do justice to capturing the luxurious ambience. Emirates boasts that this experience is the closest you’ll get to your own private jet. Sliding your floor to ceiling doors shut are design to offer you pure isolation within your chambers and every detail is thought out to be sure your flight is top notch with your ability to control lighting, temperature, in flight entertainment and sleeping as your seat transforms into a fully flat bed with mattress. Enjoy the personal mini bar situation in the suite or a glass of champagne or wine (from their own private collection, mind you) chosen by their sommeliers. A full service menu is presented that represents regionally inspired gourmet dishes.

Depending on the selected flight, each suite guest is offered complimentary a Bulgari Amenity Kit filled with skincare essentials, for overnight flights pajamas, eye mask and slippers and just in case you didn’t take advantage of the lounge showers, the ability to partake in the onboard shower spa.

The game changer for luxury flyer is exclusivity and privacy. A seasoned high end traveler expects over the top service and Emirates Airline delivers. -The Beau Satchelle Family

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