A ‘High’ Level of Flying: Private Jets

Commercial air traveling either for business or pleasure is a tale of two stories. The incomparable speed, whether transoceanic or continental far outweighs other forms of transportation; statistically it is the safest way to travel, and for global adventurers visiting the ends of the earth can’t occur without the beauty of flight.

Yet, the experience of commercial flying can be brutal with the increasing headaches of flight delays, designing planes seats to jam more butts in seats, baggage mishaps, cancellations and of course, the security concerns that force the flying public to jump through hoops before arriving at their boarding gate. In addition, it seems lately, airlines are dealing with increasing public relation disasters of both unhappy passengers and stressed employees that have created negative flying experiences of epic proportions.

However, within the elite of the wealthy, who have the ability and means to customize flying to their own desires through ownership of a plane or fleet of planes. The billionaire private jet club welcomes Middle Eastern Royalty, African, Asian and European Ultra Rich and very wealthy businesspersons and celebrities of North and South America .

The Boeing and Airbus companies are quite known for providing the massive planes that are converted into flying palaces. These” airbuses” leave no stone uncovered when it comes to the smallest details. These planes can provide full living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms; a formal dining room or a private concert hall for entertaining; garages for transporting their cars and even a stable for horses and camels.

Purchasers of these refitted jets will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to convert a plane to their specifications to create a lavish environment which rivals their private homes. The finest materials are selected from marble to exotic leathers to gold and crystal fixtures with vaulted ceilings, spiral staircases and every electronic feature imagined is installed to give guests access to technology.

For high net worth individuals who choose to only fly private, yet may not own their own private jet, the chartered jet industry has gone through an explosive disruption in offering bespoke flight experiences.

Flying private captures the essence of buying convenience and efficiency: the ability to get in and out of an airport from smaller terminals, by-passing the security headaches and enjoying an all around luxurious experience of service.

Some trends within the private jet industry include:

1. Fractional ownership that allows high net worth travelers to travel privately without owning a plane. Ownership costs are based on travel hours which start in the mid six figures and can go as high as a few million dollars depending on the percentage of ownership.

2. Subscription services in which a client pays a sign up fee (a few thousand dollars) and a monthly membership fee (again a couple thousand dollars) for accessibility to numerous smaller jet companies for regional or continental flights.

3. Offshoot companies such as Jet Suite, offers buying a seat on a jet as oppose to chartering the whole plane within regional destinations.

4. Youth friendly flights designed with customized cabins strictly to accommodate and entertain children.

5. All inclusive destination packages to rival the most luxurious cruise ship destination stops. Chartered companies are offering clients first class accessibility to the biggest sporting and entertainment events including the Cannes Festival, the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, the Masters, and the World Cup.

6. Megellan Jets made headlines by offering exclusive campus tour packages with prices ranging in the mid five figure range, for parents and their college-bound children along with concierge service.

Needless to say, the chartered aviation industry is going through its own explosive growth as more high net worth individuals demand the services and advantages of flying private. -AJ

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