New Product Reveal: The “City Life” Messenger Bag

Metropolitan meet bespoke. Hello “City Life”! Designed as a compact messenger handbag, merging exotic with clean symmetrical lines. Every element of the “City Life” was intentionally chosen to delight the well dressed woman who desires a casual cosmopolitan, yet indulgent accessory that speaks “originality”.

For our newer readers, let’s review the processes that our Master Leather Artisan works through resulting in new product reveals. From concept, depending on inspiration, the beginning of the journey can take several days to a few weeks (or in some cases, revisiting drawing boards from past years). His engineering background takes over as a vision becomes a series of measurements. This is followed by selecting leathers and hardware (in some cases, the leather hide itself, may be the inspiration). At the point that he is satisfied with the dimensions (the old adage of measure twice, cut once is the law of creatives), the cutting begins. The timeline for his collection handbags take seven to ten days. With a new concept, the project will take about two to four weeks depending on how complicated the design.

Beau Satchelle’s handbag collections are usually created with templates, but the newer designs, considered “one-offs” are a culmination of numerous calculations on paper to make sure the hand cut leather pieces fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. These hand cut pieces include the front, back, sides and bottom exterior panels. In addition, pieces for the interior and handbag’s top closure flap, if applicable, will be cut. The handle pieces, along with any additional leather for pockets and smaller elements for functionality and/or aesthetics (key fob strap, pen holder, valet purse holder pocket, leather design pieces for attaching the bag’s hardware) are also involved in this process.

The next steps include, skiving (shaving off layers of the leathers interior) the edges of the leather to get the optimal thinness desired for the edges. Then, lines on the edge of the leather are measured and drawn for punching hundreds to thousands of holes with a pricking iron and mallet for sewing; deciding on the waxed linen thread (either a contrasting or a complimenting color) for the saddle-stitching technique (two heavy needles pulling thread through the same hole to ensure unraveling will not occur, even if one or several stitched become severed. Depending on the bag, some of the hardware and pockets will be attached throughout the sewing process while continuous sanding and edge work takes place to give the bag its finished look.

The “City Life” messenger bag is a contemporary piece with a Genuine American Alligator front panel and the remaining exterior panels crafted in English Bridle leather. The interior includes soft red plonge cowhide featuring a smartphone sleeve. All the hardware is solid brass to ensure this bag withstands the test of time when it comes to its heirloom quality. The bag is roomy enough for a full sized wallet, small make up carrier and your normal tech essentials.

The handle strap is long enough to tote on your shoulder. A great choice to add to your handbag collection for casual outings or perhaps a relaxed evening out.

The most exciting part about this messenger bag is a popular element from an early Beau Satchelle collection, The Grande Travel Series that was reborn using the unique hook clasp that receives compliments galore. The clasp is modern, industrial and promises to be a conversation starter for women admiring the handbag.

The bag is showcased on our website in the shop section or you can also be purchased through AHALife . -AJ

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