Luxury Lifestyle 101: Bespoke Wine Gift Set

Exquisite. The ultimate gift for the wine connoisseur who loves “the display” in multiple ways. An idea that was crafted from a conversation last year of displaying a wine gift box with all the creature comforts; however, why not take it to the next level. A wine gift box wrapped in leather. This prototype is being displayed at House of Pure Vin in Detroit, MI, yet can be made in a range of exotic leathers, colors and hardware with personalization on the wine glasses and the gift box itself.

The details and nuances of this gift box is astounding. Starting with the exterior, the poplar wood box built by a local carpenter features dove tailed corners and was wrapped with burgundy French calfskin. The exterior, then adorned with brass hardware for both aesthetics and protection. The box was fitted with a side solid brass draw bolt clasp and a solid brass top key lock with an attached key concealed in a leather key cover. The bottom of the box is protected from surfaces with brass feet. A single leather wrapped carrying handle is affixed with brass hardware as well.

The interior is padded with premium felt, covered with Italian lambskin for its softness which will help protect the delicate crystal glasses and wine. To add a unique flavor, wooden dowels were hand wrapped in the same burgundy French calfskin and then hand stitched for detail and security. Both dowels, were then attached from the exterior, through the wood frame to allow a snug fit for a standard wine bottle of your choice. And, the imported lead-free crystal glasses were branded with the Beau Satchelle logo. Both the bottle and glasses compartments are fitted with hand stitched French Calf Skin security straps and brass hardware. To add additional protection when opening the box, a leather strap was affixed to the inside corners.

A bespoke wine gift box set has to have certain accessories. This particular design, includes a premium wing corkscrew wine bottle opener which is joined to the interior with the same French Calf Skin and hardware. With a subtle hat tip to the carpentry of the box, a smaller wooden box painted intentionally with an explosion of burgundy color to highlight the other compartment of accessories. This includes a foil cutter and a stainless steel vacu-stopper to remove the air and help preserve the wine after it’s opened. This accessories storage box is also fitted with the same leather strap and hardware.

This particular prototype gift box comes with a complimentary bottle of wine from a curated selection from the House of Pure Vin. Any bespoke orders will receive a $100 gift certificate from House of Pure Vin to select a bottle or two from their fine wine collection.

Being a Lifestyle 101 blog, I couldn’t resist mentioning a few lovely functional accessories that are artistically over the top:

Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer

Inexpensive tool to assist you in taking the temperature of your wine for maximum tasting. The digital thermometer wraps around the bottle like a belt. Made of durable steel and plastic and runs on a 1 inch lithium battery.

Wine Glass Caddy

For wine enthusiast, why not add a feature to house wine glasses in their home theatre environment. Very clean and luxurious, this company offers a stainless steel wine glass caddy to be fitted in the accessory slot of your seats. Beautiful accent piece for the movie and wine lover!

The Regal Lion

Made to order wine stoppers sculptures made from precious metals crafted Art Deco-inspirted lion head figure that blends dramatic, out-of-the-ordinary design with a level of workmanship that is rarely seen. Certainly, a lovely conversation starter! The company also designs similar grand stoppers for Whisky and Brand Decanters.

Revel Wine Cellars

For our readers who want to accessorize around their wine collection, perhaps a custom cellar would do. Giving a hat tip to our Michigan northern neighbors in Lansing, Michigan, Revel Cellars who offer a beautiful portfolio of cellars and storage units for the savvy wine collector. -AJ

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