Implementing Creature Comforts Just For You!

Implementing Creature Comforts Just For You!

Leather and Technology; what a beautiful explosion of supple and exotic textiles meeting man-made at its finest.

The well dressed gentleman or gentlewoman understands how glorious accessorizing leather and technology together is; which exudes richness and sophistication.

In your business world of meeting and/or traveling, your bespoke leather travel or business bag absolutely serves as your mobile office guaranteeing that you have access to your technology (perhaps with some additional old school tools such as a portfolio of paper and writing utensils) all day without skipping a beat.

A well built leather carrier designed especially for you should first and foremost possess a pocket or sleeve to hold your laptop or tablet securely along with a secure home for its cord. This type of handbag will obviously include an accessible pocket for your cell phone as well.

Then, it’s a matter of wants and accessibility. A bespoke travel or business bag will be designed for absolute function to house other tech products and accessories to manage your day yet never losing the emerging art and beauty of the leather artisans design features. We at Beau Satchelle create smaller leather storage pouches and accessories to house other cords, USB disks and small phone chargers and we have worked with high net worth clients who design their travel essentials to have individual tech compartments and even removable interior lighting.

We are finding a number of tech trends that are functionally imperative.

Charging stations
With such a range to choose from, this product line can cover from a mini emergency charger that looks like a slim tube of lipstick, to a dual or multiple USB port charger that can be used for both smartphone and tablet at the same time.

Travel bags or briefcases can also be fitted with solar charging panels, interior lighting to locate items easier, and detachable charging strip outlets for multiple gadgets.

Here are a few other products that may work well within your mobile luxury leather office.

If listening to music or podcasts is incorporated into a large part of your day, the choice of earbuds, whether wired or bluetooth, will be determined by quality, comfort and looks.

Touted as the world’s first pair of electrostatic sound isolating earphones, the Shure KSE1500 claim to offer “unmatched clarity and detail with an extremely high correlation to the source audio.” At $3,000 a pair, you’d be hard pressed to find a more expensive and high quality set of audiophile earbuds.

The Buttons Bluetooth Headphones come from the trend-setting “culture tech” company by from the Black Eyed Peas. Priced at $200, the design itself is inspired by the iconic shape of vinyl records, so these earphones are bound to deliver amazing sound. With 6 hours of active rechargeable battery life, 120-hour standby time, and magnetic discs clasp around the neck for worry-free storage when not in use, these headphones go anywhere and last all day. And, with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and an in-line microphone and volume control, you can seamlessly take calls and listen to music throughout your daily routine.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot
For global warriors, this accessory is a must.
Sky roam ($124.99) is the personal Wi-Fi hotspot that enables travelers to keep their gadgets connected in over 100 countries. With Skyroam, travelers no longer have to deal with expensive roaming fees, the hassle of switching out SIMs, unlocking their phones, or swapping rentals in each country they step foot in. Skyroam’s patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology automatically connects a user’s device to local carriers to enable seamless and secure unlimited data access for mobile devices. Users can then purchase pay-as-you-go day passes online for as low as $8, allowing them to connect with up to five devices at once with zero roaming fees.

So, if you fall in the upper echelon when purchasing technology gadgets, this may be the perfect iPhone X on the market. Wrapped in 24 caret gold and the Apple logo has been encrusted with diamond chips

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