The Good Life: Down Under

There’s an expression in Australia that’s called “Go Bush”, which means to get out of
the city and relax. I try and “go bush” to places where there’s no cell reception. But,
I don’t get to do that often, so for the most part, it’s just a state of mind.

-Actress Cate Blanchett

Australia has left its mark on the world in being the birthplace of Google Maps, the black box flight recorder, Hedy Lamarr, a 1930-40s Australian-American Actress who invented the communication technology that would lead to today’s Wi-Fi, numbers of celebrated artists from the arenas of music, art and theatre, latex gloves and the original sheepskin UGG boots.

In doing research, I read a most informative Top Ten Cities of Australia article on a site called Australian Sky on the smallest of the earth’s seven continents, but is home to the sixth largest country, which is known by the same name Australia. This “island” continent is surrounded by two oceans, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Considered to be the most isolated and remote continent and least influenced by migrations of people, plants and animals. Least populated continent yet ranks number 12 in largest economies in 2012. Australia’s culture is a mixture of Anglo-Celtic Western culture and indigenous influences which include citizens of Papua New Guinea and the Aboriginal culture.

The list of incredibly diverse places to visit and lifestyle experiences of Australia is wide and long and each region should have its own dedicated blog. For example, the city of Sydney is home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and the beaches of Coogie, Bondi and Manly and the shop ‘til you drop Oxford and Williams Streets. In Melbourne, Victoria, south of Sydney and considered a trendy metropolitan wonder for foodies, art lovers and sports fans of Formula Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis Championship, Football League Grand Final and of course Aussie cricket. About an hour from the Melbourn, Yarra Valley is home to world class wineries and if you just want to experience a day of pure scenic luxury, take a road trip along the Great Ocean Road, 243 kilometres stretch along Australia’s southeastern coast

One other region of Australia that must be mentioned is visited by adventurers, naturalists and sports enthusiasts offering the ultimate playground for lovers of the outdoors is Cairns, Queensland home (among other natural wonders) to the Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef ecosystem, consisting of over 3,000 individual reefs that span over 133,000 square miles.

According to the article, the other top Australian cities to place on your bucketlist to visit include Perth, Western Australia, Hobert Tasmania, Gold Coast, Queenland, Darwin, Northern Territory, Brisbane, Queensland and Adelaide South Australia and Cranberra, Austalian Capital Territory (ACT). Without a doubt, the paths that are crossed when patrons commission Beau Satchelle to make a custom piece, produces unforeseen benefits and pleasure including learning about the beautiful country of Australia.

Our Australian patron ordered a custom wine journal as a wedding gift for her fiancé for recording his journey in wine tasting. Our personalized wine journals are offered in sizes medium and large for the serious wine connoisseurs who delights in recording and collecting wine labels of their wine tasting experience in a hand-bound lambskin leather with parchment inspired paper. -AJ

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