Prototyping Through Collaboration

You’ve seen it before, high end designers getting together and creating something beautiful while attracting attention from people all over the world. Well, here is another collaboration we have completed this year…

Beau Satchelle has collaborated with a few great designer along the way but none quite as interesting as Lyudviga Couture; a luxury brand of elegant design, making must have items that are the best couture offerings in Michigan and known across the world. Located in Birmingham, MI., Lyudviga is highly known for her couture dresses and upscale fashion with contemporary appeal. Also, her garments are made by hand. Lyudviga has been in business for over 25 years and often adds leather and other exotic materials to her designs. You may remember in 2017 when we collaborated with her making our first Pirarucu (Arapaima) bespoke handbag prototype. We featured many photos in 2017 and even this year with Lyudviga’s brilliantly designed couture fashions and the Pirarucu exotic bespoke designer handbag. Feel free to check out the blog post here:

During that time, Lyudviga also created a few pieces with leather that was laced through a laser etching process. This garment leather was used to make gorgeous pieces for one of her couture collections. Having a few yards available, she asked if we could design and build something with it. And, of course, the answer was Yes! With the busy summer and even busier 2017 holiday season, there was very little time to work on this project . However, by the time January came around, a new year and a new project was just the antidote to get started on the right foot.

T. Michael revisited the laser etched leather, reviewed previous designs for this project and decided to come up with something totally new. Since the leather was garment grade, thin yet somewhat durable, he decided to frame and background it with the main leather. Having already chosen the main leather, a French calfskin in burgundy and feature gunmetal hardware, it was time to get this project on its way…

At first, the decision to design and build the type of handbag was determined. And, the ‘Tote’ was chosen. Therefore, with this design, an open face will be just right to have a stunning piece of the laced leather displayed but not anywhere it would be exposed to getting snagged on a corner or something; he said. Framing the pieces ‘front and back’ with the French calfskin in the background was another idea to bring a classic look while highlighting the beauty of the laced design. One large piece was designed to cover the front and back while the other was used as a backdrop and base. These pieces were hand-sewn together before adding the side panels. The interior is made of a durable yet thin ‘Plonge’ calfskin in chocolate. With all if these elements in place, you can now see why this bespoke tote bag is a prototype and will have room for modifications.

The finished product is a beautiful and original work of art that will be reviewed by Lyudviga and her team. There is also people involved in our focus group to provide feedback on what is liked most, least and would be changed if they were designing or even the owner of such a piece. This is the Beau Satchelle way of keeping an eye on the prize as the evolution of creativity continues; making bespoke luxuries one at a time for the purpose of our consumers and potential customers to have high quality, great crafted products available to them exclusively. -The Beau Satchelle Family

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