Capturing Handbag Images In Downtown Detroit

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.

-Les Brown

A few days ago, we were doing some spring cleaning in our massive database of photos taken over the last few of years of Beau Satchelle designs and delighted as to how far we have progressed as an emerging bespoke luxury accessories business. Contrasting our designer handbags and travel bags from 2 years ago versus today, T. Michael’s talent and skills to compete with the top leather crafters in the world is certainly on par. I suggest that the only difference is that Hermes, Goyard and others of that caliber possess are decades, even in some cases, over century of experience.

If you’re familiar with the backstory, T. Michael is self-taught in the skill of saddle-stitching that took him a little over 5 focused years of training. He describes his novice designs three years ago prior to the launch of Beau Satchelle, as he relates his stitching as “a work in progress”, yet purchasers fell in love with his designs and craftsmanship.

Wonderful opportunities have revealed themselves to Beau Satchelle, just by staying focus and improving day by day in building luxury products. Our growth, in just a little over six months, has increased tremendously and we appreciate the love and support we’re receiving from our patrons and followers.

This past weekend, we hosted our spring photo shoot to specifically introduce and re-introduce the latest designed and most appealing handbags to have a unique offering of colors and hardware (more specifics in an upcoming blog). With the awesome teamwork of our photographer, Christian O’Grady ( and our Brand Ambassador, Grace Liang (, we shot some lovely pictures that will be featured in several future media publications and on social media.

Using the backdrop of Downtown Detroit on St Patrick’s Day, which created quite a comical narrative in attempting to complete a successful editorial photo shoot while being a traffic cop to constant groups of people and dogs in green costumes and drinks in hand walking by trying to avoid being a part of Christian’s shots. It was more work than we anticipated, but we are pleased, as always, with his creative eye and talents in capturing the exceptionalism of the bags.

We could not have asked for a more perfect sunny day to capture and use outdoor, natural light. Grace was a trooper during the shoot as we requested that she wear light spring attire with the temperature hovering around the chilly 40-degree mark. The goal was to showcase the latest bag of the Michelle Collection as well as introducing a couple of new designs for a blueprint to build a series of collections in different types of leathers.

These photos were taken with my smartphone, so stayed tuned for the professional ones in the upcoming weeks!

A special thank you to the House of Pure VIN ( for allowing us to use their facilities for set up and The Woodhouse Day Spa ( for giving us the use of their lobby area to take photos. -AJ

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Note: We are rescheduling our Wine and Accessories Event at House of Pure VIN so stay tuned!

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