Beau Satchelle Now Available On Ahalife Marketplace

Beau Satchelle is thrilled to announce a new ecommerce partnership with AHA, a global online luxury marketplace ( ). Founded about eight years ago, this premier online company ships to over 180 plus countries and gives independent designers a bigger platform to sell goods and compete with the bigger luxury brands. AHA describes itself as a curated destination for discovering 4000+ designers and artisans from 45+ countries.

AHA’s founder and CEO Shauna Mei developed an exceptional digital retail empire that presents unique “lifestyle’ items which span from beauty, home décor, tech, travel experiences and, of course, our lane, luxury accessories.

According to their manifesto, their platform supports generations of artisan skills and allows for exposure and marketing to consumers who care about the stories of independent designers. We were drawn to their commitment to elevate product offerings, so as to not compete with Etsy like platforms, instead showcasing artists who have stepped up their game in creativity and innovation.

We appreciate the fact that we are joining the some of best of the best when it comes to creatives and artisans from around the globe. From an artist standpoint, the juried process was pretty strict and guidelines to be accepted quite detailed. After being invited to apply, it took time to meet their stringent requirements of presenting our narrative in words, media and pictures. Needless to say, we were challenged and honored to sharpen our message, to ensure that we are presenting Beau Satchelle as a growing luxury accessories brand on their exclusive site.

We had to communicate, in detail, how Beau Satchelle’s products were made and the backstory of T. Michael, our Master Leather Artisan. This narrative is then introduced to their customer email list and to the public, on our individual page ( What we appreciated about AHA is that they focus on quality not quantity of items sold on their site. The mobile platform is incredibly user friendly for customers who lean more towards shopping through their cell phone.

Beau Satchelle has placed on AHA site 12 handbags and travel bags… only a few are currently in our inventory, so understand that the majority advertised will be made to order. Bespoke items will be ready to ship in 6 weeks and delivery date will vary depending on your shipping address and can be custom ordered with a delivery date. International orders may experience possible delays and could take longer to arrive.

We look forward to a positive and prosperous relationship with AHA and would love for our readers to visit their site, make a purchase and give us feedback. -AJ

Breaking News: Our Wine and Accessories Event scheduled for this Sunday, March 18th, has been postponed due to the NCAA Regional Basketball Tournament being hosted in Downtown Detroit this weekend with Michigan State being one of the highly favorite contenders playing. Realizing that it would be too much for our visitors to fight the traffic and parking, we will reschedule for a weekend that will not be in conflict with thousands of basketball fans descending on the Little Caesars Arena that is about ½ mile away from the House of Pure Vin. Please accept our apologies and we’ll keep you posted on the future date.

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