High Fashion Preparation During The Red Carpet Season

Although our bespoke luxury handbag business is quite niche, it is essential to keep an eye on what high end designers, show off every year during the numerous red carpet events held on both the West and East Coasts and Globally. We especially keep an eye on the extravagant clutch bags which are created to accompany the gowns held by nominees, presenters and show attendees.

Needless to say, my curiosity as to the behind-the-scenes production to prepare attendees for these exclusive events (including the indulgent after parties), is without a doubt, big business not only for the designers but all of the auxiliary businesses and professionals hired to help prepare these personalities who will be photographed and videotaped for hours on end. Why is this important? Those photos can propel brands to the stratosphere from a public relations standpoint. The publicity of one gown being the topic of conversation for days on end, is absolutely worth its weight in gold as the gown is repeatedly discussed in every level of print, digital and electronic media.

So, let’s start with once the nominations for a particular award show have been announced. The celebrities involved begin the mad rush to D-Day, by hiring a team of experts whose only objective is to be red carpet ready. This team will consists of: weeks of intense work outs with personal trainers to produce a shapely tight physique; nutritionists to develop a strict diet to produce the best results for glowing skin, healthy hair and above all optimal energy for the many demanding hours required; estheticians to create skin care regiments; the top botox specialists hired to smooth out skin and rid one of wrinkles; and finally, the make-up artists and hair stylists who work in close conjunction with the designer of the selected gown to ensure the make-up and hair are tailored to complement the outfit.

And, of course, the stunning gown or evening dress that was negotiated by the celebrity’s stylist and the designer. This “business deal” has impact for both parties in a number of ways. The wearer gets fitted with couture attire made especially for that particular red carpet event. In most cases the celebrity is loaned the gown worth many thousands of dollars (although on occasion, a gown will be custom made). The stylist makes the choice based on the celebrity’s personal style, her body type and, perhaps the relationship she may have with the designer (stars have been reported to sign double digit million dollar contracts with design houses). Some designers will pay a particular star up to six figures (and her stylist will be paid handsomely too) to wear their gown. Jewels can be so expensive that they are accompanied with their own security detail. The most important obligation the wearer has that evening (besides looking gorgeous), is to get one interview question right, when asked “who are you wearing?”

This is such an exciting season for any business that in some shape or form works within the luxury fashion industry. For Beau Satchelle, we make note of trends in regards to shapes, colors and embellishments of clutches that celebrities are holding. We use these events to size up the competition and plan for the day that we celebrate our bag being held by a star walking the red carpet.

So, in honor of the Award Season, we are giddy to reveal one of our latest exotic designed clutches made especially for our Brand Ambassador, Grace Liang of Color and Grace. The clutch is made from a genuine ‘natural’ python exterior with an Italian lambskin interior; designed with two pockets that can hold her cell phone in one and smaller personal items in the other. The hardware is a premium solid brass zipper and removable chain. It is versatile enough to wear with a casual look, allowing the clutch to standout front and center or match the colors of the bag strategically contrast or correspond with her eveningwear. T. Michael finished the clutch in enough time so that it would accompany Grace to travel with, on her trip home to China. We are extremely proud and overjoyed that another one of Beau Satchelle’s designs traveled the globe to be seen by lovers of luxury accessories. AJ

Stay Tuned: More information on our latest python clutch purse with Grace; she will be giving a full review on style, features and overall functionality while traveling in China.

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Photo Credit: Flickr; by dr_vaibhavahuja Absolute power

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