Staying Focused: Journey to the SuperBowl

….“I don’t know what to say really.
Three minutes to the biggest battle of our professional lives
all comes down to today.

Either we heal as a team or we are going to crumble.
Inch by inch play by play till we’re finished.
We are in hell right now, gentlemen believe me and
we can stay here and get the s#@* kicked out of us
or we can fight our way back into the light.
We can climb out of hell. One inch, at a time……..

You know when you get old in life, things get taken from you.
That’s, that’s part of life.
But, you only learn that when you start losing stuff.
You find out that life is just a game of inches.
So is football.
Because in either game life or football
the margin for error is so small.
I mean one half step too late or to early
you don’t quite make it.
One half second too slow or too fast and you don’t quite catch it.
The inches we need are everywhere around us.
They are in ever break of the game…every minute, every second.

On this team, we fight for that inch
On this team, we tear ourselves, and everyone around us
to pieces for that inch.
We CLAW with our finger nails for that inch.
Cause we know when we add up all those inches
that’s going to make the f@*#** difference
between WINNING and LOSING
between LIVING and DYING.

I’ll tell you this in any fight, it is the guy who is willing to die
who is going to win that inch.
And I know if I am going to have any life anymore
it is because, I am still willing to fight, and die for that inch
because that is what LIVING is.
The six inches in front of your face……

-Coach Tony D’Amato’s Speech Excerpts from the movie Any Given Sunday

More on staying focused from an unknown author who wrote:

The battle fields of victory are drenched
with the bleached bones of those
who in the moment of victory rested;
and in resting, lost all.

As with any sport championship, the Super Bowl is the crowning event which rewards one team who wanted it more than any other and did what it took to achieve it. The experience this Sunday is the results of 53 talented individuals committing to a team vision and the never-ending grinding which quietly takes place behind the scenes. The Monday through Saturday practices and training that most raving football fans on Sunday won’t see or experience, will result in who will be the victor and who fell short. Doing the same repetitions on the practice field thousands of times, immeasurable hours of studying the team’s detailed playbook to learn hundreds of ways to overcome and outplay your competitor, the physical and emotional sacrifices that an athlete experiences to wear that coveted ring that signifies our team “is” the best.

In comparison, a leather artisan’s “Super Bowl” is like the delivery of a finished product a new owner receives. And, with our experience, that would be a Beau Satchelle luxury good inside when his/her gift box is opened. A leather designer’s “six inches” is working with a raw material that can be unforgiving if cut incorrectly. An artisan’s measurements being precise to ensure a handbag’s design is seamless once the pieces are sewn together. Parallel to a professional athlete, the elite artisan’s commitment to his craft is purely a series of repetitions; meticulously punching hundreds of holes in leather with a pricking iron to prepare for the sewing stage. Spending tens of thousands of hours, in the quiet, stitching with simple tools – a stitching pony that holds the leather, two needles, yards upon yards of waxed thread and premium or exotic leather to create a masterpiece. A leather crafter’s hands affected with callouses from years of pulling and tightening thread to perfect the tautness so the stitches look as flawless as the results of a sewing machine.

We are so fortunate to have built a following of patrons that honor this time-honored craft that takes talent, thousands of hours of training and a passion for presenting works of wearable art.

So, in honor of the upcoming biggest watched sporting event, it was fitting to share the above quote from one of my absolute favorite “Al Pacino-ism” speeches, rallying his team in the movie Any Given Sunday. Although the speech is referencing a football game, the words are apropos for life in general, would you agree? Willing to die for that inch….that is an entrepreneur’s mindset. Committed to the “inch”. When Beau Satchelle was launched two years ago, our promise was to improve every single day, to better our best, to accept no excuses in creating a business that revolves around producing premium offerings. With the complete understanding that we are up against dynasties and mega fashion houses in the luxury business, we are going to continue to move forward inch by inch within our niche in offering handcrafted luxury bespoke products. -AJ

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