The World Of A Bespoke Dressed Man

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As Beau Satchelle’s collection of bespoke men’s travel and business cases continue to expand, we are fortunate to have more opportunities to collaborate with Master tailors and bespoke suit designers who want to offer their clientele the finest in accessories to complete their tailored silhouette. The individual who opts to purchase his suits custom, experience a fascinating process of attention to his body’s characteristics while no detail is ignored. The ultimate bespoke suit fits like a second skin.

According to, suit making is separated into three categories:

1. Bespoke is considered the “best in class” in the world of suit buying and will carry the highest price tag because the suit is designed to fit your specific body type and made from scratch.

2. The Made to Measure suit is cut from an existing pattern and adjusted for the buyer’s measurements.

3. “Off the Rack” or “Ready to Wear” is the least expensive and factory made to fit a broad range of figures and sizes.

The difference between a connoisseur of bespoke suits and the masses who “live off the rack” is the attention to detail. It may take up to a couple of months to produce a suit and even the fittings can be numerous. Highly regarded tailors will assess their clients’ frames taking into account individual nuances from being bow legged, to possessing a rather large paunch, or perhaps height extremes, or uneven lengths of one’s arms, to name a few. Custom professionals may advise short men that a longer jacket is not necessarily what will make them appear taller or that a heavier body type will look just as polished in a fitted suit. The entire body will be incorporated into the measuring process (even how a client naturally positions his crotch) so that the suit hides weaknesses and accentuate best features.

A client paying top dollar expects sewing machines will be used on the straight seams yet, some areas of the suit will be done entirely by hand (i.e. the padding and button holes). A tailor will include “extra cloth” or allowances in all seams to be altered for weight fluctuation or stylistic changes

The best in service tailors will dedicate many hours to ensuring a custom garment is proportioned to the client’s frame; possess a vast education on the scope and quality of materials and offers the suit buyer after care instructions as well as offer services for suit repairs.

Although there are a number of celebrated tailors in the U.S., many of the renowned tailors come from the countries of England, Italy and Hong Kong. These menswear professionals have their own storefronts or shops, but there are certainly several exclusive tailors who will travel with their staff to VIPs homes or offices to accommodate schedules.

The client who makes a considerable investment into a bespoke suit will also demand the “finishing touches” that provide the suit its immaculate look. This will incorporate the elite material of the shirts that can range from Egyptian, Swiss, Italian and English cottons as well as French silks. The choice of the accessories will include belts, cuff links, ties and the tie pin, socks, shoes, watch, bracelets, pocket squares and even the underwear.

Finally, what better way to complete a bespoke suit with a choice of beautiful classic leather accessories that should include a custom wallet, or business card holder with an accompanying attaché or briefcase. Beau Satchelle provides discerning clients with custom carriers built to an individual’s style and provide timeless functionality to handle daily business. Be sure to take a look at our “one off” custom cases on Instagram that clients have commissioned us to create over the past several months. -AJ

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