To Our Southern Neighbors: Our Prayers Are With You

“I know you feel broken, so I won’t tell you to have a wonderful day. Instead I
whisper these words to you ‘Just Hold On’. As the darkest days of grief start to
get less, the sun will rise again for you.”

– Zoe Clark-Coates

The destructive weather events that occurred in the past two weeks is a stark reminder of Mother Nature’s might as her wrath tore through the southern region of our country. Unfortunately, this seems to be the “new normal” as this planet appears to experience increasing horrific weather events. Not only does our team have family and friends in both Texas and Florida, Beau Satchelle has built working partnerships with numerous designers and vendors who make their home in this region of the country that was hit by both hurricanes. We are heartbroken that our Southern neighbors are living through such tragedy and life altering events as uncertainty of the future surrounds families and communities.

As the entire country held its collective breath as two immense hurricanes, within 14 days, slammed the Gulf and the Southeast Coast, we watched in despair as video and pictures were shared through traditional media and social media. These events once again prove our connectivity as humans and how we ultimately have to share this one small planet with each other regardless of our differences.

Catastrophes also remind us of individuals’ selflessness are as we witnessed heroes and sheros from all walks of life pull together, to rescue and help the stranded find refuge. And immediately following the end of Harvey and Irma’s destructive journey, the entire country has opened their hearts and wallets throughout this midst of confusion and grief to provide support by way of money, supplies, and volunteers.

This will be a massive ongoing effort of years to help survivors regain some sense of normalcy. So, to our readers, if you want to help, we have listed a few national and local reputable organizations below. Obviously, financial donations are the preferred way of assisting survivors, yet we have also listed a couple of donation centers that accept supplies as well.

– American Red Cross ( – monetary, blood donations, and volunteers

– All Hands Volunteers ( – volunteers needed to work on damaged homes and clearing debris

– Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund ( – monetary donations

– Houston Emergency Operation Center ( has several donations
centers that accept medical supplies, non-perishable food, water, children’s supplies, clothing,
emergency response equipment, cleaning supplies, building materials, furniture and new bedding.

– Habitat for Humanity ( – is working with its local offices in Florida, Texas and the Caribbean.

– PayPal ( has created a disaster relief campaign and says it will waive processing costs to ensure that 100% of donations are given to Irma relief charities.

If you’re interested in your dollars going to relief efforts in supporting the Caribbean Islands that were devastated from Irma, these U.S. Charities provide international support:

– Save the Children (

– Doctors without Borders (

– Samaritan’s Purse (

Lastly, to help with our beloved four legged survivors, national organizations (along with smaller animal non-profits) are leading the charge with the post disaster effort:

– Humane Society (

– American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (

Please do your research before giving money to any new organization or Gofundme accounts that have been created recently. Charity Navigator (, a watchdog site, provides information on numerous non-profits to guide your giving decisions.

The Beau Satchelle team sends our love and prayers to all those impacted and hope that this blog provides some comfort, knowledge and inspiration. – AJ

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