The ‘Hat Box’ Style Bespoke Luxury Handbag (New Product)

You spot her standing on the platform at the train station. She’s tall, she’s slim, and she’s elegant. She’s dressed classically. She’s confident, and carries herself proudly. She looks like she knows where she is going. Wherever you see a woman like this, you can’t help but stop and stare.

This is who the hat box handbag was designed for; a confident, classy and sophisticated woman.

The hat box style handbag is not a bag to be carried lightly. It makes a statement, and requires confidence to carry, because you know that people will stop and look a little more closely at you. It needs an owner who has a certain sense of self, and someone who will actually take it out, rather than let it sit unused on a closet shelf.

Beau Satchelle is proud to present our first hat box style bespoke handbag.

This style harkens back to another time, when women were always dressed to the nines and times were simpler. Made with Buttero vegetable tanned leather from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy who is well known for their premium ‘Veg Tanned’ leathers and the beautiful colors they are able to produce. The color we chose for this handbag was burgundy along with an Italian lambskin in Banana for the interior.

We started off by choosing what we thought would be a great color combination; the exterior leather was carefully laid out and the front and back base pieces were cut in circles with the bottoms made flat. Then we designed, cut, assembled and hand-stitched the interior pockets with the banana lambskin and attached them to the base pieces. Next, we created the piping with the interior color and hand-stitched the side panels with the piping around the base pieces and finished it off with nickle plated hardware throughout.

As with all of our bespoke handbags, our hat box style luxury handbags are hand-cut, hand-assembled, hand-stitched with the traditional saddle stitch; then, we hand-paint and hand-burnish the edges. If the shape of the bag and the quality of the materials isn’t enough to get you noticed, the detailed embroidery will.

Embroidered on the front of this bespoke luxury hat box bag is a Chinese tiger from the Chinese zodiac. Our Brand Ambassador Grace with Color and Grace is Chinese and she was born under the Year of the Tiger. We hired a graphic designer to create something original with the design and our friend Nancy over at Cutting Edge Embroidery and Design Studio digitized and created the brilliant and vivid image. The tiger, which looks rather aggressive, makes it live up to the tiger’s reputation as ‘The Protector’ and symbolically keeps its owner safe while she is traveling.

The owner of the bag, like the tiger, is fiercely loyal, ambitious, plain spoken, and goes after what she wants. She is intelligent, passionate, smart, artistic, active, and slightly mysterious. Whether she uses her hat box bag to carry her blogger essentials, or her red lipstick, or her diary, or travel light for an overnight trip, it is up to her, but she will want to keep this bag close to her always, so she is prepared for whatever life hands her.

“I like how the hat box shape and classic lines create a piece of art that is a functional travel companion as well as a fashionable statement piece,” said T. Michael.

If you’re a woman looking to make a fashion statement or statement about yourself, your style or your independence, consider carrying a hat box style handbag.

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