Made In The USA!

This year we are witnessing how the changing tide of US politics and government will have an impact on large and small businesses. The slogan “Made in America” has been amplified this year, whether that be with the manufacturing of … Read More

Help Wanted: Training A New Generation of Master Artisans

When Beau Satchelle meets the public for a fashion show or a juried artists’ event, visitors who pass our display are amazed at the amount of training it takes to produce works of art with hand-sewn leather. The learning curve … Read More

Celebrate Mom: A Bespoke Handbag Will Do

This Sunday, May 14th will be the day when we all take the time to honor the women who have raised, mentored, protected, nurtured and loved us through good and tough times. Certainly, the individuality and preferences of your special … Read More