The Pirarucu Bespoke Handbag

When you are in search of a new handbag, the options are endless. It seems like every fashion label and celebrity has a line of bags these days.

If you’ve decided to go for a quality piece that will stand the test of time and is truly bespoke, classic and tailored to you, your tastes and your lifestyle, consider looking at Beau Satchelle’s quality line of fine leather luxuries.

If you’re looking beyond investing in a unique piece, look beyond traditional cow leather and check out the newest addition to Beau Satchelle’s growing line of quality bespoke goods – the very exotic, very unique Pirarucu bespoke handbag.

This exotic leather was provided by International Couture Designer and Maker, Lyudviga at Lyudviga Couture in Birmingham, Michigan, USA. in collaboration to design and build the first Pirarucu Bespoke Handbag in the region. More to come on our favorite couture designer extraordinaire.

Made from the skin of the world’s largest freshwater fish found in the Brazilian Amazon, this handbag is actually eco-friendly. The skin of the fish, which is a main food source for the local community and protected by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment, would usually be discarded.

The Pirarucu is oldest and largest fish of its kind and can grow to a massive 14 feet in length, weighing in at up to 450 pounds. Although relatively unknown, the skin is now highly coveted as a material for high-end luxury shoes, boots and of course, handbags.

The local community processes the fish skin using a vegetable tanning process provided by the local tannery. This turns it into this unique and fine leather. This reduces waste and generates a source of income for the local community and is 100 percent organic.

Always on the search for new luxury materials, unique looks and ways to expand his repertory of handbags, Beau Satchelle’s designer Ty Michael began his study to create a one of a kind luxury piece built around simple lines and an inviting appearance. He would be the first designer in Michigan who has built, by hand, a bespoke luxury handbag with the Pirarucu fish leather.

After careful examination of the qualities of the Pirarucu leather – as with all premium leathers and exotic skins, true artisans need to get to know the texture and pliability along with tensile strength of the material they are working with so that their project will not only look good but last for many years while being functional in the process – Ty decided that in order to best show off the beautiful skin of the Pirarucu, he had to create a structured bag. The finished product can literally stand up and stand out when placed on a table, giving it clean, classic lines and making it a beautiful display piece as well as a piece of art when not being carried proudly by its owner. This handbag will also carry its thickness with originality.

If you decide that your bespoke style has room for a Pirarucu bespoke handbag, consider one crafted with care by an experienced artisan like Ty. The bag is collectible, worthy of being handed down from generation to generation, and most of all, no two are alike. Its uniqueness will satisfy your craving for individuality and one-of-a-kind pieces. These pieces will feature the quality of hand-stitched luxury that you are used to from Beau Satchelle. Thank you for stopping by and reading our story! -The Beau Satchelle Family

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  1. Amazing!
    Generally I wouldn’t be a fan of using skin from sea creatures, exotic animals alike, if tortured specifically for the sole purpose of fashion.
    I’m happy to see that animals are treated in a humane way to feed the world and their skin be used with respect by the Beau Satchelle family. This shows that they truly care and in my opinion, puts them on a much higher level of perfected professionalism.

    Bravo to Ty and his Beau Satchelle Family/Team

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