Luxury Travel Bags For Professionals in 2017

The introduction of our Michelle and Regina Bespoke handbag collections, has been a labor of love due to the tireless trial and error work in determining their simplistic design structure, the type of signature leather, and the hardware that would represent each of these bags. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive as to the minimalistic and sexiness of the appearance, but one can also appreciate the complex hand-stitching that showcases the talent of our Leather Artisan, T. Michael.

As we rapidly approach the midyear point of 2017, Beau Satchelle has turned its focus to perfecting our unique line of travel bags, that we believe will compete with any high-end luxury leather brand with a reputation as a legacy product built to last for generations. The designs will satisfy those jet-setters who crave a bag with high style and functionality.

For instance, the bag shown above was designed for a gentleman who has a career in the field of law and wants to have a travel briefcase that is roomy enough to store files necessary for the courtroom along with his tablet and/or laptop, his phone and other personal effects to get him through days of trials or meetings with clients. During the design process, one of the goals was to build a carrier that would absolutely turn heads as he strolled through the courthouse by sourcing handsome, durable leather and distinctive hardware.

As we work toward completing our travel bag collection for the year, I wanted to give our readers a taste of the styles that stood out on the 2017 fashion runways and what leather craft artisans are designing for the traveling mover and shakers as they prepare for an upcoming family spring break vacation or the approaching summer vacation season or the end of the year Holiday travel season.

The Cross Body
The standard functional Cross Body that can be used for the daily cosmopolitan needing to transport the necessary items for the working professional. The primary function of this bag is the “hands free” feature and has just enough pockets and spaces for the essentials (phone, sunglasses, personal items and a smaller tablet) and will offer the wearer easy access to these items more freely.

Briefcases and Briefcase Alternatives
Depending on the lifestyle of the owner, this category will include attaché cases, soft or firm leather briefcases, rolling overnight briefcases to suit both business and personal needs, or backpacks that can be transitioned from the boardroom to a short weekend excursion. As with any leather bag, built in pockets, sleeves and straps to safely carry the owner’s tech tools is essential with this category of bags.

Duffle Bags and Carry on Weekender and Traveling Totes
An obvious design piece of this bag is the ability to carry on to an airplane effortlessly. The size is crucial and the addition of pockets and spaces to store essentials (passport, tickets, other personal items) that are accessible. The designs of these bags are large enough to carry the items needed to survive a weekend jaunt.

Leather tech accessory cases are growing quickly in this space because of the growing and demanding needs of consumer’s ability of a “no outlet” mobile office that may include internal charging stations or even solar charging panels constructed in the bag. These accessory cases also have the space for headphones, and tablets for entertainment while experiencing the inevitable wait time in an airport lounge.

Suitcases and Trunks
When it comes to leather, what is old is new again. The trend of vintage style suitcases and trunks that pay homage to the elegance and glamour of decades past with a contemporary take. The construction of these pieces take into account the highest functionality of the wheels, the locks, the handles to signal durability, safety and style. The beauty and style of these traveling pieces is evidence of the most sophisticated traveler that wants their cases to communicate affluence and discernment. -AJ

We look forward to revealing our latest styles in the luxury leather travel bag space and would love your feedback. Talk to us on Twitter!

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